Be or not to be


Many artists have the dilemma of whether to sell ourselves to the highest bidder or stay in the shadows of the underground world and be community promoters from the depths of the city. The thing is that in this money system you have to pay bills, gasoline, food and to live off the story you have to, somehow, sell yourself to it. In Colombia it is said that no one prays to poverty, apparently we all seek abundance and the fact of being an artist seems to condemn you to always live on the sidelines, without enough money to live well.


When I enrolled in the arts university, I had no idea what it was and my friends from other faculties asked me what it was, what was it for? and I did not know how to answer them. Over time I understood that art is a spiritual exercise in which you delve into your unconscious and in some magical way in your brain and inside you the creative process happens. Then the materialization arises and the work is produced.

Some or some thinker @ said that art is the way to resolve the concerns we have with the world. For me it is the best definition I have ever heard.

Chapter 1

The Cacika project is born just like babies do: The stars align, an intimate encounter gives rise to the union of soul and body, a new being is formed. Cacika arrives at a time when Chicadania and Andrés meet and decide to work together. Chicadania was in a moment of expansion at a level… mmm.. astral… or personal… and Andrés at a more earthly level. Art and illusion united them, they gave shape and name to that idea and materialized it in its first state: a jewel. From the beginning they knew that Cacika was a living organism, that it was going to grow and have a life of its own.

Chicadania, plastic artist, jovial, traveler, mother, curious, was living in Bogotá at that time. Although he was an artist, he did not understand how art that came from spiritual work could be commercialized. Since she had graduated she had been a little removed from the art market, she did not like to participate in it very much. For her, the material world of money was alien to the sublime world of art.

Andrés, a mechanical engineer, dedicated, responsible, a dreamer, a hard worker, had just won an award as one of the 10 entrepreneurs of the year in Colombia. He worked in his parents’ company and was building his future as an entrepreneur.
One fine day Chicadania knocks on the door of a workshop where they made metal baths, she was carrying a sculpture of a carousel that instead of horses had little flying pigs. A cheerful and good-natured man opens it and receives the piece. Between tubes and screws the carousel remained lonely for days on a table waiting its turn; Andrés, who worked there, occasionally left his office and saw such a curious piece in the middle of the soot of the place; over the days he fell in love with the flying pigs and wanted to meet the person who had brought them. Eager to find the carousel artist, he envisioned a promising future with flying pigs as commercial objects, so he turned on his computer and sketched out what could be a business idea.

A few weeks later Chicadania goes for her piece, Andrés receives her happy, he wanted to meet her and show her his ideas.

-A business idea with my little flying pigs?

Chapter 2

A few months ago a friend had invited me to a women’s movement. Without knowing much or nothing about the subject, I accepted the invitation without high expectations, since there were a few women wanting to achieve all kinds of objectives through a philosophy completely unknown to me. When I heard the first talk I was surprised to see that it was what I had been waiting for a long time. These women were in the same dilemma as me. With the days, women and more women joined and with the weeks it became a snowball. They came from everywhere, of all ages, conditions, nationalities, professions. Virtual meetings collapsed from the number of women who connected. They were all looking for the same thing: to make peace with the masculine material world, to understand and experience it.
It’s no secret that in this era, the foundations of our civilization rest on a mostly male superstructure. We are women in a world designed by men.
A voice emerged from these women’s meetings, a voice that said the same thing all the time: “We want to get out, carry out our projects and feel fulfilled”. It seems that women live in an invisible hierarchical system that prevents us from fulfilling ourselves both spiritually and materially and little by little we are seeking to recover our place and recognition in society. However, the energy of power and money is more masculine than feminine, the majority of women are left out, they live their day to day raising their children, looking for a fulfillment that is more internal than external and rowing with effort to live. of his many talents. At that time my conclusion was that women want to participate and achieve the balance between having economic abundance and spiritual fulfillment.

Chapter 3

Sitting in Andrés’s office, Chicadania looked at him, he had slightly curly hair, long to his shoulders, necklaces and bracelets with stones, his appearance was more or less bohemian although he wore his well-ironed shirt. Chicadania saw in him that masculine world that was talked about so much in the female community, he seemed to be a man who knew the mystical forces of the universe, what women understand by pure nature, they carry it in their DNA, and his intentions seemed purely commercial. . So he accepted, it was time to experiment..

Chapter 4

Once you agree that the Chicadania sculptures are going to undergo a transformation into commercial objects, it is important to make something clear.

-I am an artist and although my art is commercialized, it has a meaning.

Andrés, very intuitive and open to new experiences, understood and became fully involved in the new project.
This is how Cacika was born.

Chapter 5

We women have forgotten who we are and where we come from!

The real Woman, the Paleolithic and Neolithic Woman, the Female, the Goddess, seems to have disappeared.

The first religion of man was Woman, for 30 thousand years images of women were carved and represented as Cosmic Creator, The Mother Goddess who gave existence to all humanity. The Woman was valued as the possessor of the mystery of the origin of life, the path to transcendence, not only because of her womb but also because of her complex and incomprehensible nature for the barons. The Woman is psyche, she captures the cosmic cycles, she feels the astral dimension of the material world without anyone ever explaining it to her.

But somewhere in history the patriarchy prevailed, the invasions of a new world arrived and the power of La Mujer was hidden, forgotten even by the women themselves. In Latin America, before the conquest, the lands were governed by both women and men: Las Cacicas and Caciques, chiefs and chiefs of their tribes; they inherited their position to their daughters and sons according to their gender. When the time came to fight for their territory, many indigenous women became heroes, raising armies, strategizing, avenging their peoples, winning amnesties, and fighting hand-to-hand against the new empire until their last breath; however nothing or little is known about them; Unfortunately, with the imposition of the newly arrived kingdom, their stories were buried, forgotten, these heroines today are blurred in the collective memory of women. The great Woman of old was subdued. Centuries have passed and today the woman of today lives in a world where the link with her inner power is broken, dismembered; she lives tied to an invisible hierarchical system that prevents her from fulfilling both spiritually and materially. We are disconnected from the strength of our own lineage. Today’s women have forgotten who we are. The true Woman, the empowered Woman who was free is in our DNA, her blood runs through our veins and she is looking for her freedom again, we just have to remember it, recover the power of our ancestors, we are their direct descendants. WE ARE CACIKA.

Chapter 6 - 2023

Immersed in the women’s movement to which Chicadania belonged, she decided to make her sculptural works jewels inspired by the indigenous heroines who resisted the Spanish conquest. In this way he would reconnect women with their lineages.
This is how Andrés and Chicadania worked on the idea and brought the Cacika project to life.

Today Cacika comes to light in its first stage: jewelry with the aim of empowering women.