Lets give it all

We women have forgotten who we are and where we come from!


The real Woman, the Paleolithic and Neolithic Woman, the Female, the Goddess, seems to have disappeared.


The first religion of man was Woman, for 30 thousand years images of women were carved and represented as Cosmic Creator, The Mother Goddess who gave existence to all humanity. The Woman was valued as the possessor of the mystery of the origin of life, the path to transcendence, not only because of her womb but also because of her complex and incomprehensible nature for the barons. The Woman is psyche, she captures the cosmic cycles, she feels the astral dimension of the material world without anyone ever explaining it to her.


But somewhere in history the patriarchy prevailed, the invasions of a new world arrived and the power of La Mujer was hidden, forgotten even by the women themselves. In Latin America, before the conquest, the lands were governed by both women and men: Las Cacicas and Caciques, chiefs and chiefs of their tribes; they inherited their position to their daughters and sons according to their gender. When the time came to fight for their territory, many indigenous women became heroines, military armies, created strategies, avenged their peoples, achieved amnesties and fought hand-to-hand against the new empire until their last breath; however nothing or little is known about them; Unfortunately, with the imposition of the newly arrived kingdom, their stories were buried, forgotten, these heroines today are blurred in the collective memory of women. The great woman of old was subdued. Centuries have passed and today the woman of today lives in a world where the link with her inner power is broken, dismembered; she lives tied to an invisible hierarchical system that prevents her from fulfilling both spiritually and materially. We are disconnected from the strength of our own lineage. Today’s women have forgotten who we are. The true Woman, the empowered Woman who was free is in our DNA, her blood runs through our veins and she is looking for her freedom again, we just have to remember it, recover the power of our ancestors, we are their direct descendants. WE ARE CACIKA.


Cacika reconnects you.