Our philosophy is simple

Our philosophy is simple, we believe in our signature design aesthetic and craft producs that we would feel proud of and glad to use ourselves.

The modern world of consumerism has converted design into a commodity; with brands churning out new designs and collections to keep pace with rapid trends. At Nappa Dori, we believe design holds a higher purpose and should be a metaphor for positive change, elation and evolution of the world we inhabit. Design is transformative in nature and changes perspectives, and at Nappa Dori we are obsessive about taking those age-old techniques and reviving them to modern day lifestyles. We are in no rush but we’re never standing still.

Like good architecture, we respect the structural integrity of a product. Our design framework involves a lot of research and analysis and this is something we’re truly passionate about. It’s about exhaustive diagnostics on what worked in the past, how the world has changed and then trying to bridge that gap or revive a new way to engage with a product.

The details, materials, shapes, styles and structures; everything is chosen meticulously and built thoughtfully keeping in mind the end product. The love of vintage plays a big part in our design approach, the idea that good quality items can potentially be passed down and admired through generations is something that feels nostalgic to us and while staying relevant and fresh we aim to keep the aesthetic timeless.

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