Carlo Barberis, (1909-1994), gifted with a natural sense of balance and a refined taste, started working as a goldsmith when he was very young and, after accruing a good deal of experience, opened his own workshop in 1929. The company was attributed the trademark Nr 39, by now the oldest one in Valenza.


In 1940 Carlo married Valeria who soon became the creative core of the company contributing with her love for colours and her sparkling imagination as a designer.

The workshop and the offices were located in Carlo’s and Valeria’s home and the clients were welcomed in their living-room; thus the fire-place became someway a symbol of their friendly attitude and of their lively creativity.

Since its very beginning Carlo Barberis jewellery has been characterized by elegant touches of fantasy and soon gained its reputation among jewellers for its colour gemstones. In these years Carlo Barberis starts experimenting and developing some new techniques that will contribute to the rich goldsmith tradition born in Valenza.


In the sixties Carlo and Valeria’s son, Gianni, entered the company after training abroad as a gemmologist: thanks to his contribution, in those years, Carlo Barberis started to cooperate with the best names of jewellery, at first in Europe and USA and then all over the world, from Japan to the Arabic Countries and more recently from Russia and the CSI countries to the Far East.


At the end of the seventies Francesca, Carlo and Valeria’s youngest daughter, joined the family in the business and, having inherited her mother’s creativity, she dedicated to develop the design department of the company together with Gianni’s wife Giovanna.


After Gianni’s sudden death in 2001, his children Francesco and Maria joined the company. Thanks to their creativity, the company developed a new network of business relations and partnership worldwide. Together with their youngest brothers Alessandra and Lorenzo they represent the new generation of the family: they share the same love for colour gemstones and for the art of jewellery.

They aim at bringing the creative world of Carlo Barberis to further successful achievements.