How we got here and what went into the making of this Experiential Retail Space.

The Nappa Dori Warehouse is located in Chhattarpur area of New Delhi, India. It is the epitome of our brand, and somewhat fittingly, a place that started as an experiment. To most, it was just a derelict mill that wasn’t worth a second glance, but to Gautam, it was the ideal setting for our flagship location, a compendium of surrealist elements – trusses, three gargantuan pillars, a rolling shutter-door and of course, raw, unfinished walls. Even the floors were stripped, so there was a lot to do!

While keeping the interiors minimal, Nappa Dori’s quaint and inimitable style of detailing have been the key focus; the tools displayed in the atelier, the antiques and other memorabilia in the treasure cabinets, the hand painted signage or the Harry Potter audio books in the restrooms. The Nappa Dori Warehouse became a convergence of equal parts industrial vernacular, garden, and updated use so that none one of the three elements take particular dominance over the other and yet provides enough conceptual distance so as to allow each element to stand alone.

Taking inspiration from the minimal architecture movement and blending it with the industrial elements, metal door and dividers were created with glass window frames to assign different functionality for different spaces. The abundant height on one side allowed us to build a mezzanine, where our library resides now. The Atelier is right below where the library stands.

Everything was built from the ground up, the perfect mélange of form and function, of intimacy and openness, where everything created for the space truly belonged to us.

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