We are energy

Cacika is a woman and we women feel the forces of nature in our own flesh, month after month.

 Minerals and metals are born, grow and mature in the rock, the earth engenders and feeds them as living beings, they are not as inert as is believed. In effect they are a state of matter and energy. For centuries gems have been used to heal, their therapeutic function is known. Minerals have the ability to receive, transmit, transform and renew the energy of what is around them. They usually vibrate with some color, sound, emotion, body organ, so in gem therapy, depending on the stone, different emotions and energy points of the body, chakras, are worked on. The proximity of a specific gem, active, clean and accommodates our energy flows. Each chakra corresponds to a type of mineral.
Cacika’s pieces are designed so that the stones that are embedded in their jewelry match their corresponding chakra. For example, if the emerald is a mineral that activates the heart chakra, we will put it in the pendants that go at chest level.
On the other hand, the use of gold as a therapeutic element is very old, the first records dating from 1500 BC. Potable gold, that is, liquid gold was given to the sick as a medicine, for the chemists it was an elixir of life that was given virtues and many healing properties, since it was the medicine that could cure the most varied diseases. Apart from its therapeutic function, it is a metal that does not rust, burn, or corrupt with anything, it is of the highest quality, its resonance frequency is high (about 2 GHz), which affects our body in a benign way. .
Gold and minerals are precious materials that we use in our jewelry.

 Cacika gives you well-being.